Discover and experience France through its regions' gastronomical heritage while on a comfortable private guided tour

01. Start by choosing your tour

Choose among our 18 different tours across France

Know everything about your tour of France

02. Find out more about your tour

You receive your selected tour’s brochure and you can schedule a video phone call so that we make sure to go through any of your questions

03. Fly to France

Fly to the city your tour is departing from

04. Your chauffeur and your travel guide both come to pick you up at the airport

Your chauffeur and your travel guide will pick you up at the airport.
your travel guide will tell you all about the program awaiting you.

05. Check-in your first hotel and enjoy your first night dinner

Now you can relax and enjoy first dinner and first night in France

06. Enjoy your first breakfast and get to your first cultural visit

Enjoy your French breakfast and wait for the car to pick you up at the agreed time ( usually around 11.30 or noon).
You will then be heading to the cultural site planned that day.

07. Enjoy your cultural site visit

While on the cultural site visit, we planned a pique nique with a local products selection for you to taste

08. We hit the road

We hit the road in our comfortable and luxury car that will be the same car for all of your trip,
we’re headed to the next city of your tour where again, you’ll check in the hotel booked for you and attend the dinner booked for you, see you tomorrow for another great day of culinary adventures.

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