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Because you may want to see and taste everything or maybe you just want a glimpse of it, maybe you only want to discover North, South, East or West of France! Or maybe you’d prefer discovering Overseas France! We thought about everything and we planned 87 different travel itineraries for you.  Except for the Grand Tour being our signature tour lasting 24 days, you are free to choose the length of all the other tours.

All the tours we offer have a rich gastronomic offer and revolve around culinary heritage and traditions of each of the regions, cities visited. We decided to offer topics for the tours in order for you to be able to find the best match, but you need to know that even if you choose a tour with a historical theme, you will fully experience the gastronomy and cultural heritage of the visited regions.

Here are all 87 of them plus an eighty-eighth option : Your own itinerary, the one you came up with.

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The Grand tour

Our Grand tour takes you through 22 French cities in 24 days.

The cardinal points tours

The cardinal points tours take you to specific parts of France and last according to your preferences 8, 10, 12, 14 or 18 days.

The different cardinal points tours are :

The Unesco World heritage sites tour

The Unesco World heritage sites tour take you on a 5 to 15 days journey across France’s Unesco’s world heritage sites.

here are all of our Unesco Worl heritage tours :

The Overseas tours

Of course you know that France is not only the 641184 kmof lands located in Western Europe between the Spanish, Italian, German, Swiss, Luxembourger and Belgian boarders, France is also all of its Overseas territories called DROM-COM in French.

To pay a tribute to the wonderful culinary identity and heritage of these wonderful regions, we planned the Overseas Tours. These tours last from 7 to 16 days

here are all of our Overseas tours :

The city tours

The city tours take you around one city for 2/3 days trip, from its fresh local products, fine cuisine and traditional recipes to its most famous monuments, you’ĺl know everything there is to know about the city.

Here are all of our  cities tours :

The historical tours

The historical tours take you through France’s rich history, following in its most famous architects and builders footsteps

The artists tours

Painters, writers, places they lived and worked while in France or maybe places where their fictions took place, some amazing stories and places to be discovered in these tours across France…