Our eco-friendly slow tourism experiences are 100% eco-responsible

The very first reason why all of our tours are eco-friendly is because we use sustainable transport (electric car) and because our tours are private , unless like other tour operators who have masses of people visiting a place and creating a certain pollution because of the big group invades sites.

We practice “Slow tourism”  and this is more than a new travel trend, it is a real state of mind.

This new form of travel consists of discovering a destination quietly, taking care to observe every detail, immersing oneself in the local culture, and also being respectful of the environment.

More than fashion,  A new way of consuming and traveling is opening up to you. Rediscover the real pleasure of visiting a territory and be dazzled by its incredible beauty between sea and mountain.

Go on an adventure and hike in the most beautiful natural areas of France. Reconnect with nature and experience exceptional holidays in any of its regions. Take the time to explore, observe and taste.

Of course cultural heritage and gastronomy are at the center of our tours but you can also observe fauna and flora as far as the eye can see. Snow-capped peaks, incredibly beautiful vegetation, vast natural lakes, the beauty of nature is all around you. Marvel at the unique heritage that lies before your eyes. Take the time to appreciate every detail, the spectacle is captivating. On foot or by bike, get off the beaten track and explore each place without worrying about the passage of time. After all, happiness is to be found in the present moment…