The regions tours take you on a journey across one region of France, and last according to your preferences 5, 7, 10 or 12 days.

This Auvergne tour promises amazing  landscapes and a rich gastronomic experience…

Steep volcanoes, mountain pastures, waterfalls or majestic forests, 
the diversity of the landscapes makes Auvergne a first choice destination 
for nature holidays and of course, thanks to its rich gastronomic heritage, 
an ideal destination for discovering quality
local products and tables emphasizing agreements 
of raw and refined flavors promising you 
an intense experience like its landscapes

Imagine....Your flight just landed at Clermont-Ferrand 
step out of the airport and feel the excitement of a vibrant city  
filled with history and an epic region  where forces of nature 
are present everywhere you look. 
Your chauffeur and your tour guide are right there waiting for you 
with a warming welcome and about a few minutes after you stepped out 
of the airplane  you are comfortably seated ina luxury comfortable car 
and enjoying the city vibes through the car window.

The car just stopped in front of your luxury 5 stars hotel you just have to get down the car straight to your suite as your chauffeur took care of your luggage and your tour guide is taking care of checkin you in at reception desk. After that long flight maybe you’ll want to enjoy a spa or a massage, your tour guide just went ahead of your potential needs and has planned everything for you!

Now that you relaxed, it’s time for serious things, you’ll now be able to enjoy your first high-end cuisine dinner in France under Paris night lights.

After dinner, you can enjoy the hotel fancy bar and just get a good night of sleep in your luxury 5 stars hotel located in the Capital Golden triangle.

In the morning, you are awakened by this sweet smell of hot butter croissants and fresh coffee… you have time for yourself in the morning, maybe you’ll want to take a walk around your hotel or enjoy your time there. At noon, your car with your chauffeur and your tour guide will be ready, waiting for you outside your hotel and you will hit the road for the program of the day : Each and every day during our tour we offer you to choose among several activities and before, during or after that cultural visit, we planned a basket full of regional specialities for you to  enjoy at lunch time. After the cultural visit in the city you spent the night in, we hit the road for the next city. In this grand tour the next stop is Issoire, Gergovie, La-Roche-Blanche, Puy-de-Dôme.

We invite you to feel the greatness and immensity of nature in this beautiful tour taking you to Clermont-Ferrand, Issoire, Usson, Gergovie, La-Roche-Blanche, Puy-de-Dôme, Murat, Saint-Flour, Blassac, Lavaudieu, Blesle, Montpeyroux, Néri-les-bains, Lapalisse, Vichy and back to Clermont-Ferrand. If you are curious to know more about the tour’s details. you can request our brochure for the Auvergne TOUR reference #TOUR07 by filling out this form :


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