The regions tours take you on a journey across one region of France, and last according to your preferences 5, 7, 10 or 12 days.

“Dive into the world of Jules Verne during a cultural immersion in Picardy… From the Bay of Somme to Amiens, slip into the skin and imagination of the famous writer Jules Verne. Discover his places of life and the locations and landscapes that largely inspired his work…

“To be honest, my Saint-Michel remains moored in Le Crotoy”, writes Jules Verne to his friend, the playwright Charles Wallut. The writer’s attachment to the port town of Le Crotoy was such that the author rented a house there, La Solitude, in 1866. He wrote passages from the novel Vingt mille lieus sous les mers there. At the beginning of the century, Le Crotoy experienced its heyday and welcomed famous guests. Guerlain, Colette, Toulouse Lautrec and many other artists come to take in the fresh air and enjoy the only beach in the bay opening to the south. Follow in the footsteps of these illustrious figures and admire the “end of the century” houses combining cornices, turrets, bow windows (arched windows), undulating facades and balustrades. Passing by 9, rue Jules-Verne, you will discover the house in which the writer who gave his name to this route lived. Take the time to wander around and let this resort town soak up its coastal atmosphere. Here, vacation homes and fishermen’s houses rub shoulders. You reach the end of the beach, where the aviation district is located. This place hosted from 1910 to 1928 the flight school of the Caudron brothers.

At the fishing port in the evening, you will witness, like Jules Verne in his time, the arrival of the “jump-streams”, these coastal trawlers which return loaded with gray shrimps or “grasshoppers”. If you feel like going for a walk in the bay, know that it is imperative to leave with a guide because of the risks. Whether on foot, by train, by bike or by boat, you can enjoy the constant variations of light and color offered by the Baie de Somme, the jewel of Picardy… No wonder these fascinating places inspired the author of The mysterious island !

Now let’s not forget about gastronomy because this cultural region of France has many great surprises for you…

From the great cereal plains to the shores of the Baie de Somme, passing through the market gardening of the Hortillonnages d’Amiens or the ponds of the Haute Somme, the variety of landscapes has brought us a wide range of local products around which a rich and varied cuisine. Market gardening activities, for example, are practiced all along the Somme and especially in the fertile land of the Hortillonnages. Even today, these gardens surrounded by water extend over more than 300 hectares in the heart of Amiens and can be visited in a traditional cornet boat. Radishes, cauliflowers, turnips, lettuces, leeks, artichokes to which must be added blackcurrants, currants and even melons, constitute part of the production. Two emblematic recipes to taste: Soupe des Hortillons and Flamiche aux Leeks! In Ponthieu and Santerre, 3/4 of the national endive production is produced. Prepared in salads, braised or with ham, endives were grown in the Somme during the interwar period. 

In terms of meats, salt-meadow lamb is the star! This name refers to a sheep raised by the sea, whose meat acquires a very pleasant particular flavor. Since 2006, it has benefited from an AOC and is marketed under the “estran” brand – salted meadow mutton, a guarantee of quality for the consumer. For centuries, the Baie de Somme has also been an extraordinary natural reserve for waterfowl, a local trade in which already existed during the Renaissance. The Duck Mallard from the Picardy Coast comes from a strain of wild duck, it offers a tasty meat, character and very tender. Hochepot is a generic term for a culinary preparation based on meat and vegetables cooked in broth. Caqhuse is a piece of pork leg wrapped in onions and roasted in the oven. This dish is traditionally eaten cold. Duck pâté is a specialty of Amiens. It is in fact a whole duck, confit in spices and integrated into a paste. This dish, which the Marquise de Sévigné flattered herself that she had eaten, made the reputation of Amiens. Other duck-based products are offered by breeders: foie gras, rillettes, etc. Another great queen of Amiens: La Ficelle Picarde It is a thin salted pancake rolled around a slice of ham containing a slice of mushroom. Everything is roasted in the oven in a creamy sauce. You can taste it in most traditional restaurants in Amiens. Potato land! To the east of the department is a region known as Santerre or the land of potatoes par excellence. Taste Picardy gastronomy with the different varieties of potatoes produced in the Somme: pompadour, ratte, vitelotte, juliette des sables which grow in the sandy soils of the Baie de Somme and nowhere else.

Now let’s not forget about sweets !

It was Maison Trogneux that gave birth to the “Macaroon of Amiens” as we know it today, in a confectionery on the square of the Cathedral of Amiens, a delicacy made up of almonds, sugar, honey , egg white, sweet almond oil and bitter almond. The Amiens macaron is considered one of the oldest in France, its fame dating back to the 16th century. More recently created, Pavé de Corbie or Pavé Picard is its hazelnut cousin. You will find it at Pâtisserie Langlet in Corbie. In terms of sweet treats, there is also the Amiens chocolate tuile and the Rabotte Picarde, a pastry made from a peeled apple, hollowed out and filled with sugar, cooked in a square of puff pastry or shortcrust pastry, without forgetting the unbeatable Beaten cake. It is a kind of brioche, tall and cylindrical in shape, with a golden yellow dough and a beautiful brown crust. It was traditionally eaten at Easter and during ceremonies (village festivals, weddings, etc.). Today, it is still appreciated at receptions, for dessert as well as for breakfast. The most famous is that of the Fréville bakery (4 addresses: Abbeville, Quesnoy-le-Montant, St Valery-sur-Somme, Fressenneville).

Imagine….Your flight just landed at Charles de Gaulle airport…you step out of the airport and feel the excitement of a vibrant city  filled with history, art, beauty and modern energy, your chauffeur and your tour guide are right there waiting for you with a warming welcome and about a few minutes after you stepped out of the airplane  you are comfortably seated ina luxury comfortable car and enjoying the city vibes through the car window.

The car just stopped in front of your luxury 5 stars hotel you just have to get down the car straight to your suite as your chauffeur took care of your luggage and your tour guide is taking care of checkin you in at reception desk. After that long flight maybe you’ll want to enjoy a spa or a massage, your tour guide just went ahead of your potential needs and has planned everything for you!

Now that you relaxed, it’s time for serious things, you’ll now be able to enjoy your first high-end cuisine dinner in France under Paris night lights.

After dinner, you can enjoy the hotel fancy bar and just get a good night of sleep in your luxury 5 stars hotel located in the Capital Golden triangle.

In the morning, you are awakened by this sweet smell of hot butter croissants and fresh coffee… you have time for yourself in the morning, maybe you’ll want to take a walk around your hotel or enjoy your time there. At noon, your car with your chauffeur and your tour guide will be ready, waiting for you outside your hotel and you will hit the road for Amiens and the program of the day : Each and every day during our tours we offer you to choose among several activities and before during ofr after that cultural visit, we planned a basket full of regional specialities for you to  enjoy at lunch time. After the cultural visit in the city you spent the night in, we hit the road for the next city.

If you are curious to know more about this tour taking you to Paris, Saint Valery-sur-Somme , Abbeville, Amiens, Albert, Saint-Quentin, Laon, Soissons, Creil, Beauvais and back to Paris. you can request our brochure for the Picardie TOUR reference #TOUR09 by filling out this form :


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