The Unesco World heritage sites tour take you on a 5 to 15 days journey across France’s Unesco’s world heritage sites.

here we offer you the opportunity of discovering the Saint Emilio village and the Vezere Valley

Located in the Bordeaux wine region, the village of Saint-Émilion is famous for its world famous red wine. The village itself is also of great beauty, with its cobbled streets, stone buildings and unique monolithic church. Visitors can taste wine at the many wine cellars in the village, as well as stroll through the surrounding vineyards and take in the spectacular countryside views. The Vézère valley, for its part, is a region of great archaeological wealth, known for its prehistoric caves and its Paleolithic sites. The famous caves of Lascaux, dating back over 17,000 years, offer incredibly well-preserved cave paintings that amaze visitors from all over the world. The valley is also home to several picturesque medieval castles and villages, as well as beautiful natural landscapes. Although these two destinations are very different, they both offer a unique and memorable travel experience. Whether you are a wine lover or a history and archeology enthusiast, you will find something to enjoy in the village of Saint-Émilion and the Vézère Valley.

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