The Vineyards tours take you to your favorite vineyard region and last 5,10 or 15 days according to your tour preferences.

A wine trail is a route selected for tourists that takes you deep into the heart of wine-growing regions, naturally with the aim of introducing you to the local wines, the wine-growers and the vineyards, but also the local cuisine, the cultural heritage, and other regional tourist attractions.
The growth in wine tourism, both in France and beyond, has led to the creation of the concept of the wine trail: both for the benefit of local tourist organisations – with the aim of raising the profile of a wine-growing region – and simply to create a tourist trail that a guide can recommend. A visit to a vineyard remains a unique experience that allows guests to combine discovery of new wines with the exploration of a region!

Wine routes exist for all of France’s different wine regions. The first trails were created from the 1950s onwards, and now the routes offer the unique opportunity to dive, head first, into the heart of a wine-growing region, discovering its cultural and culinary features as well as the wine itself.

Today, nearly 7.5 million wine tourists fill up the vineyards each year, from France and other countries, beginners and experts alike: all kinds of people come together on the journey from winery to winery. From the best known to the best-kept secrets, from the longest to the briefest, the sunniest to the coolest, France gastronomy tours takes you on an unforgettable journey on the trail you picked!

All the wine-producing regions offer cultural and oenological activities near the vines. For your holidays in the Dordogne, you can take the Bergerac Wine Route. Take advantage of a walk in the Dordogne to take these tourist routes of this Wine Route. Go and meet a witness of the past in the heart of purple Périgord. This Bergerac Wine Route is a tourist route that plunges you into the heart of one of the French wine regions, to meet wine of course, winegrowers, vineyards, but also gastronomy, cultural heritage and other assets. regional tourism. It is here in this Périgord, in the “Land of a thousand and one castles”, largely thanks to the Pays de Bergerac, that we have the highest density of noble haunts in France, bastides, churches and abbeys, fortresses, castles, mansions… await you during your getaway on this Bergerac Wine Route. The different stages of your journey on this tourist route will take you behind the scenes of the production of wines in the region and will lead you to meet passionate winegrowers, eager to share their knowledge with you. Throughout your itinerary of the Bergerac Wine Route, you will go from vineyard to vineyard, from appellation to appellation, to taste wines in moderation, meet winegrowers and other professionals from the wine world, visit museums or specialized sites related to wine tourism. The reception in the cellars and vaults or the participation in oenological workshops in wine properties will be part of the essentials of your journey. Without forgetting of course to take the time to savor the local products! The Bergerac vineyards follow the Dordogne from the east of Bergerac to the borders of Libournais. According to your desires, you can follow the Bergerac Wine Route between the magnificent residences and the old cellars. The Bergerac vineyards extend over 12,000 hectares around Bergerac, comprising 93 villages to visit on the Bergerac Wine Route

You will want to have this in mind before and during you tour :

Bergerac is a dry white wine, rosé wine and red wine. These are wines of pleasure to drink within two years on their fruit. The Côtes-de-Bergerac is a red wine for laying down, soft and sweet white wine. These are powerful and generous wines. They require a few years of cellaring to reach their optimum. Montravel is a dry white wine and red wine. They are fragrant wines. Haut-Montravel is a sweet white wine. They are aromatic and smooth wines. Côtes-de-Montravel is a sweet white wine. They are aromatic and smooth wines.

Monbazillac is a sweet white wine for long aging. Pécharmant is a red wine. It is a fine, elegant medium-ageing wine.

The rosette is a sweet white wine. This appellation, the smallest in the vineyard, produces a confidential wine that is mellow to syrupy, fine and elegant. Saussignac is a sweet white wine with medium to long aging potential.

Imagine….Your flight just landed at Bergerac airport…you step out of the airport and feel the excitement of a vibrant city  filled with history, art, beauty and modern energy, your chauffeur and your tour guide are right there waiting for you with a warming welcome and about a few minutes after you stepped out of the airplane  you are comfortably seated in a luxury comfortable car and enjoying the city vibes through the car window.

The car just stopped in front of your luxury 5 stars hotel you just have to get down the car straight to your suite as your chauffeur took care of your luggage and your tour guide is taking care of checkin you in at reception desk. After that long flight maybe you’ll want to enjoy a spa or a massage, your tour guide just went ahead of your potential needs and has planned everything for you!

Now that you relaxed, it’s time for serious things, you’ll now be able to enjoy your first high-end cuisine dinner in France.

After dinner, you can enjoy the hotel fancy bar and just get a good night of sleep in your luxury 5 stars hotel.

In the morning, you are awakened by this sweet smell of hot butter croissants and fresh coffee… you have time for yourself in the morning, maybe you’ll want to take a walk around your hotel or enjoy your time there. At noon, your car with your chauffeur and your tour guide will be ready, waiting for you outside your hotel and you will hit the road for the program of the day : Each and every day during our vineyards tours we visit a different vineyard and we offer you to choose among several activities and before during or after that cultural visit, we planned a basket full of regional specialities for you to  enjoy at lunch time.

If you are curious to know more about this tour taking you to either the Bergerac/Duras tour, the Montravel tour of the Route des Vins de Bergerac, the Monbazillac tour of the Route des Vins de Bergerac, the Pécharmant Tour of the Route des Vins de Bergerac or the Saussignac tour of the Route des Vins de Bergerac, you can request our brochure for the BERGERAC / DURAS / SUD-OUEST TOUR reference #TOUR38 by filling out this form :


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