The Vineyards tours take you to your favorite vineyard region and last 5,10 or 15 days according to your tour preferences.

A wine trail is a route selected for tourists that takes you deep into the heart of wine-growing regions, naturally with the aim of introducing you to the local wines, the wine-growers and the vineyards, but also the local cuisine, the cultural heritage, and other regional tourist attractions.
The growth in wine tourism, both in France and beyond, has led to the creation of the concept of the wine trail: both for the benefit of local tourist organisations – with the aim of raising the profile of a wine-growing region – and simply to create a tourist trail that a guide can recommend. A visit to a vineyard remains a unique experience that allows guests to combine discovery of new wines with the exploration of a region!

Wine routes exist for all of France’s different wine regions. The first trails were created from the 1950s onwards, and now the routes offer the unique opportunity to dive, head first, into the heart of a wine-growing region, discovering its cultural and culinary features as well as the wine itself.

Today, nearly 7.5 million wine tourists fill up the vineyards each year, from France and other countries, beginners and experts alike: all kinds of people come together on the journey from winery to winery. From the best known to the best-kept secrets, from the longest to the briefest, the sunniest to the coolest, France gastronomy tours takes you on an unforgettable journey on the trail you picked!

Provence is a wine region in the south of France renowned worldwide for its rosés. This terroir, very extensive in the departments of Bouches du Rhône, Var and Alpes Maritimes in the PACA region, is articulated around 8 AOC (appellations of controlled origin): Baux de Provence, Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, Coteaux Varois en Provence, Palette, Cassis, Bandol and Bellet. From the south of Avignon to Nice, the vineyard encompasses most of the region. It is undoubtedly rosé that is the pride of the Provençals, representing around 40% of national production. But Provence is also a land of quality reds and whites that will surprise many.

Imagine….Your flight just landed at Nice airport…you step out of the airport and feel the excitement of a vibrant city  filled with history, art, beauty and modern energy, your chauffeur and your tour guide are right there waiting for you with a warming welcome and about a few minutes after you stepped out of the airplane  you are comfortably seated ina luxury comfortable car and enjoying the city vibes through the car window.

The car just stopped in front of your luxury 5 stars hotel you just have to get down the car straight to your suite as your chauffeur took care of your luggage and your tour guide is taking care of checkin you in at reception desk. After that long flight maybe you’ll want to enjoy a spa or a massage, your tour guide just went ahead of your potential needs and has planned everything for you!

Now that you relaxed, it’s time for serious things, you’ll now be able to enjoy your first high-end cuisine dinner in France.

After dinner, you can enjoy the hotel fancy bar and just get a good night of sleep in your luxury 5 stars hotel.

In the morning, you are awakened by this sweet smell of hot butter croissants and fresh coffee… you have time for yourself in the morning, maybe you’ll want to take a walk around your hotel or enjoy your time there. At noon, your car with your chauffeur and your tour guide will be ready, waiting for you outside your hotel and you will hit the road for the program of the day : Each and every day during our vineyards tours we visit a vineyard and offer you to choose among several activities and before, during or after that cultural visit, we planned a basket full of regional specialities for you to  enjoy at lunch time.

The first stop on this Provence vineyards tour is Nice. Located on the unique terroir of Nice, the AOC Bellet is a small appellation of around fifty hectares which rests on gravelly terraces, between sea and mountains. Its position as an urban vineyard, located on one of the great cities of France, makes it unique. It is also one of the first appellations to have been created in 1941. The appellation produces both rosé wines often described as fresh and unctuous (representing the majority of the appellation’s production), as well as aromatic white wines and powerful reds. These wines also age very well, including the rosés.

The next stop of this tour will be the Aix-en-Provence route, Located just 25 kilometers north of Marseille, this city perfectly embodies the Provençal way of life. You will not fail to be charmed by its colorful and shady alleys, its fountains, its magnificent mansions, its Cour Mirabeau, the Pavillon Vendôme or even the Saint Sauveur Cathedral… City of the famous painter Cézanne, Aix en Provence brings together various museums and its architecture will not leave you indifferent…Just 20 minutes from Aix-en-Provence, at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, come and discover the Domaine Terre de Mistral, a family estate producing wine and olive oil. . The estate has a gourmet restaurant, which you can discover during a meal. You will also be able to discover the history of the estate, but also the manufacturing secrets of its wines and oils.

The next stop of this Provence vineyards tour will be Bandol. Nestled between Toulon and Marseille, the Bandol appellation is the preferred terroir of Mourvèdre, a grape variety used to make the red and rosé wines of the appellation. Benefiting from the mild Mediterranean climate, the winegrowers produce powerful red wines, and surprisingly fruity white and rosé wines…

The last stop of this Provence vineyards tour will be Saint Tropez. The Saint Tropez wine route crosses the Côtes de Provence appellation. This appellation, the largest in Provence, covers more than 20,000 hectares in 3 different departments: Var, Bouches du Rhône and Alpes Maritimes. It is subject to the Mediterranean climate, where the rains are rare and the sunshine is ideal for the development of the vine. They mainly produce rosé. In the Fréjus sector, production is divided between 76% rosé and 24% rosé; as for the La Londe sector, it is 90% rosé against only 10% red. White wines are very much in the minority, even if a few properties still produce them.

If you are curious to know more about this tour taking you to Nice (Bellet), Saint-Tropez (Cogolin, Bormes les Mimosas,  (Aix-en-Provence, (Rousset, Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade. Lourmarin) Bandol (La Cadière-d’Azur, Le Camp-du-Castellet)  you can request our brochure for the Provence vineyards TOUR reference #TOUR39 by filling out this form :


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